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Everyday Wellness Clinic is a naturopathic medicine family practice in downtown Portland. Dr. Laura Torgerson is a primary care physician who guides you through the healing process with professional care, compassion and respect for your individual needs.

Dr. Torgerson at Everyday Wellness Clinic differentiates herself by taking the time to explain the disease process and ideal steps for healing. She discusses optimal health and function, and encourages lifestyle changes leading to wellness.

We are accepting new patients!

Yes, we are accepting new patients! To save valuable time, please follow the steps below for setting up your first appointment:

  1. Download the Insurance Benefits Verification form and contact your insurance provider to verify that you have coverage. For more information on filling out this form, please visit the Insurance page.
  2. After you have verified coverage, please call us at (503) 222-1315 to schedule your first appointment.
  3. Download and complete the New Patient Intake form and bring to your first appointment, or send it by mail in time for your first appointment. You may also contact the clinic and discuss alternative methods of sending in your forms.

COVID-19 Statement

Social distancing and wearing masks are the best preventative actions for staying healthy and slowing the spread of the virus, regardless of vaccine status.

To decrease viral transmission if you must go out, wear a mask and do NOT touch your face. While you are out, stay a minimum of 6 feet from others.

When you enter a new location (home, office, etc) wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds — watch this video for step-by-step instructions. [Do remember to use the towel to turn off the water!]

If you are ill

Unless you are having difficulty breathing, stay home, stay hydrated and rest. Limit your contact to one family member. If you live alone, have one contact person to check on you by phone.

If you are experiencing difficulty breathing:
Call 911 or proceed to your closest emergency room.

Please note:

After much research, thought, and abundance of caution, we have canceled in person visits and blood draws. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 and may be infected, let us know so that we can direct you to the appropriate testing facility. The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. 

We are staffing the phone Monday through Friday; if your call is not answered, please leave a message! We understand this is an uncertain time, and are committed to your care with as minimal interruption as possible.

If you are an established patient and need a prescription refill, please call your pharmacy and they will fax us a refill request. If you are an established patient and need a prescribed therapeutic supplement, leave us a message and we will have this mailed ASAP.

Dr. Torgerson’s patients can contact her directly via e-mail at:

Warm regards,
Dr. Laura Torgerson

Conditions We Treat

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Our Mission

Everyday Wellness Clinic is a primary care naturopathic clinic in downtown Portland whose mission is to support health and well being via strong doctor patient relationships and the straightforward sharing of medical information and healthy practices.

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