low_033885-nature-stream-for-title-page.jpgWelcome to Everyday Wellness Clinic

Everyday Wellness Clinic is a naturopathic and Chinese medicine family practice in downtown Portland. Dr. Katherine Hofmann and Dr. Laura Torgerson are primary care physicians who guide you through the healing process with professional care, compassion and respect for your individual needs.

The physicians at Everyday Wellness Clinic differentiate themselves by taking the time to explain the disease process and ideal steps for healing. They discuss optimal health and function, and encourage lifestyle changes leading to wellness.

Conditions We Treat

with Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine

Our Mission

Everyday Wellness Clinic is a group practice of professional and nurturing physicians who strive to find the underlying cause of illnesses. Creating strong caring relationships with our patients is the foundation of our practice. We educate people to understand the connection between their health and the choices they make everyday. We inspire individuals to thrive.

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